Research and Publications

WESTAF is an experienced research organization that regularly initiates research projects to benefit the state arts agencies of the West as well as the broader arts community. WESTAF’s most recent major research project is the Creative Vitality™ Suite (CVSuite™), a research-based economic development tool that provides high quality creative economy data and reporting. Using nearly 100 different vetted national,and third-party data streams, the CVSuite™ offers an accurate measure of the health of a region’s for-profit and non-profit creative economy. The tool contains information on nearly 80 creative industries and 60 creative occupations, nonprofit cultural revenues, and state arts agency granting information. It also includes an interactive granting map that displays the distribution of state arts agency grants by region, county, ZIP code, or congressional district.

WESTAF regularly convenes leaders in the arts and cultural policy field around significant issues affecting the work of arts administrators, artists, and other stakeholders. Remarks and presentations made during such convenings are normally recorded and transcribed into printed proceedings to benefit the field. Additionally, WESTAF often engages in research on behalf of its constituent states. The results of our research are usually presented in position papers, many of which are available to the general public upon request. Papers have been completed on such topics as: Economic arguments for the public funding of the arts, opportunities for collaboration among cultural agencies, background information concerning the development of cultural trust legislation, and an assessment of the effectiveness of legislative arts caucuses in advocating for the arts.

A list of all available proceedings, position papers, and economic impact studies can be found on the Publications page.