Advocacy and Policy

Arts Advocacy
WESTAF is engaged in a number of projects designed to increase the region's capacity for advocacy directed to the advancement of public support of the arts in the West. Twice annually, executive directors of western state arts agencies meet to discuss ways to move support for state arts agencies in the region forward.

Cultural Policy Forums
As part of WESTAF's commitment to strengthening the financial, organizational and policy infrastructure of the arts in the West, the organization regularly sponsors forums on cultural policy throughout the WESTAF region. These forums provide an opportunity to reflect on cultural policy issues particular to the West, to introduce cultural policy practitioners in the region to one another, and to expand the acquaintance of national and international discussions of cultural policy with thinking and thinkers in the West.

Multicultural Initiative
Recognizing the increasing ethnic diversity of the West, WESTAF adopted a set of organizational core values and goals that has made it more representative of and responsive to the cultures of the region. The plan for activities in this area is based on the report of WESTAF's Multi-Cultural Task Force, a group of 13 individuals from across the region who advise WESTAF about ways it can continue to increase its commitment to the diverse peoples of the region.