WESTAF is an experienced technology developer, with six distinct projects that benefit the arts and creative industries.



The leading online application and adjudication management system used by nearly 150,000 artists and over 500 public art programs, galleries, museums, and educational institutions to manage public art commissions, exhibitions, fellowships, and visual art competitions.

Creative Vitality Suite

A research-based economic development tool that provides high-quality creative economy data and reporting. The tool contains information on nearly 80 creative industries and 60 creative occupations, nonprofit cultural revenues, and state arts agency granting information and includes an interactive granting map that displays the distribution of state arts agency grants by region, county, ZIP Code, or Congressional district.



GO Smart

GO Smart™ is an easy-to-use, time saving, and affordable online grants management system that was designed for arts administrators by arts administrators. The systems offers all the tools you need to accomplish the tasks associated with the grantmaking process – from intent to apply process, creating the application, panel reviews, awards, and final reports. GO Smart™ will significantly simplify the way you manage your grants.

Independent Music on Tour Program

Independent Music on Tour (IMTour™) matches independent musicians with nonprofit presenters in the West. IMTour™ is committed to artistic excellence, audience development, and sustainable touring practices by offering resources to touring independent musicians and grants to nonprofit organizations that present them.


Public Art Archive

A free, searchable online and mobile accessible catalog of completed public artworks in the United States. The Archive makes public art and its processes more accessible, displaying images alongside extensive descriptions, including supplementary audio and video files when available. Locate public art pieces, create custom walking tours, and access images and data via the free mobile site.


The premiere online application and adjudication management system used by more than 700 art fairs and festivals and more than 70,000 artists nationwide. ZAPP provides event staff with a convenient and easy-to-manage platform for collecting, reviewing, and jurying applications and allows artists to easily apply online to multiple art shows using high-quality digital images of their artwork that are stored in an online profile.