Consulting Services

WESTAF has long offered consulting services to member states and national colleagues on special projects, studies, and strategic responses to unexpected challenges. The organization has undertaken nearly 150 consulting projects for state arts agencies in the West and other state and national clients since 1997. Historical projects include an organizational assessment of the Wyoming Arts Council; implementing operating efficiencies at the California Arts Council; a statewide arts education assessment covering Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming; and the development of Alaska Cultural Trust scenarios for governance and funds allocation.

Major projects in recent years include:

  • the development of the State of Washington’s Creative Economy Strategic Plan for the Department of Commerce
  • a national study of the creative economy and economic recovery in collaboration with the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
  • a Creative Industry Visioning Session for the Utah Cultural Alliance, Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement, engaging arts and cultural leaders across the state
  • two phases of strategic plan implementation processes with the Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
  • facilitation of the planning process for Washington’s statewide arts education partnership, ArtsforAll.  

Since 2020, Creative West has completed nearly 70 consulting engagements with state and national partners such as policy and legislative analyses, program reviews, research briefs, and consultation on the selection of public affairs consultants. 

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