WESTAF encourages all grantees and member states to ensure all programming is fully accessible as outlined in the American Disabilities Act and the National Endowment for the Arts Section 504 Self-Evaluation Handbook.

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Arts Education

Resources related to non-school-based, school-based, discipline-specific, essential arts education, and funding. 

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Resources include archives, finding artists, collections and exhibitions, folklife and fieldwork fundamentals, folklife in education, funding, music and dance, national folklife resources, and Native American cultures.

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National Regional and State Arts Agencies

View the extensive list of agencies.

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Presenting and Touring

Resources organized by discipline, funding, international, marketing, miscellaneous, publications, and service organizations. 

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Public Art

Includes public art online and general public art resources.

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Visual Art

Resources organized by foundations and funding, journals and publications, media and genres, residencies and exchange programs, general information, and technical support.

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WESTAF Program Logos

Please use WESTAF standard logos when recognizing our programs and awards. You can find and download our logos below: