WESTAF Supports Artists

Through arts funding, technology and services for the arts, WESTAF provides tools and resources for independent artists and arts organizations to build audiences, participate in the creative economy, and shape cultural policy. Income generated from these technology products is reinvested in WESTAF programs that support the work of artists, organizations, and communities across the western region and beyond.

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Built for Better Calls for Entry

Regardless of the type of call for artists you are administering, CaFE offers an efficient platform to easily set up your application process in a standardized manner and to jury those applications once they start coming in. With unbeatable customer support for both administrators and artists, more than a decade of experience hosting art-based calls for entry, and an artist community of more than 175,000, CaFÉ is the top choice for arts organizations nationwide who want a seamless call for entry experience.

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Demonstrate the Impact of Creative Industries on Your Region’s Economy

Whether applying for grants or funding, starting new programs like creative districting, or helping with an area’s redevelopment or new development, you need data to help you plan, conduct analysis, and make decisions. CVS provides centralized access to official for profit and nonprofit labor market data, cleaning and vetting it, to save our clients time and the expense of costly resources, such as data analysts and engineers. Our reliable, tailored data, reports, and visuals help anyone from arts advocates to economic developers/revitalizers analyze and demonstrate the impact of the creative economy in their area and across the United States.

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Simplify Grants, Amplify Impact

GO Smart is an affordable, cloud-based grant application software with pre- and post-application forms, panel reviewing, and data reporting. Tailored for small to medium funders of arts programming who want to transition to an online platform, GO Smart streamlines the collection and management of application data in a singular format and makes it easy to collect and analyze panel scoring, and unlike other SaaS platforms, is the only software in this price point that provides extensive knowledge of, and commitment to, arts grants industry practices; lived equitable practices; and personalized customer service and consultation.

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Making Public Art More Public

The Public Art Archive offers a suite of free and low-cost resources for the documentation, management, and exploration of public art built specifically for the public art field. The Public Art Archive helps public art administrators address field-wide gaps in documentation and take advantage of tools, built and supported by public art professionals, with workflows tailored to public art collection management.

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Where Artists and Art Festivals Connect

The premier online application and adjudication management system used by more than 700 art fairs and festivals and more than 70,000 artists nationwide. ZAPP provides event staff with a convenient and easy-to-manage platform for collecting, reviewing, and jurying applications and allows artists to easily apply online to multiple art shows using high-quality digital images of their artwork that are stored in an online profile.

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