WESTAF Represents Place

Through close collaboration with the thirteen western state arts agencies and the communities they serve, WESTAF represents the abundant multicultural perspectives of the western region.

Executive Director Forums

WESTAF annually convenes the executive directors of the state arts agencies in the West to discuss issues in the field, share knowledge and practice, and consider ways to increase support for these agencies. Recent forums have focused on adaptive change, leadership, and innovation in the arts and culture field and offered directors an opportunity to identify shared policy priorities.

State Arts Agency Professional Development Program

WESTAF delivers regular professional development programs that provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for state arts agency staff in WESTAF member states. These sessions are designed to provide insights into emerging trends in the field for the spectrum of state arts agency staff. Recent sessions have covered a range of topics, including rural arts, diversity, inclusion and equity, and emerging recreational industries.

Technical Assistance and Consulting Services

WESTAF has conducted more than 80 technical assistance and research projects for state arts agencies in the West since 1997. As defined in WESTAF’s 10-year vision and strategic plan, the organization is also exploring new directions in our work with state arts agencies and other public sector agencies in our region, including, in some cases, engaging with strategic planning processes and leadership onboarding.

State Arts Agency Innovation Fund

WESTAF has committed an initial $500,000 investment from the $8 million MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett gift received in 2021.The Fund has been structured to offer support to the transformative work of state arts agencies in the WESTAF region (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawai’i, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming) over an initial three-year period.