WESTAF Long Range Plan

The WESTAF board of trustees has approved a new strategic plan. The 10-year plan, which was formally rolled out in the fall of 2018, recognizes the central role technology now plays in the work of WESTAF and makes more explicit the dynamics that are in place to propel the organization and its key stakeholders to a higher level of success.

To review elements in the plan, hover over areas on the map until an item is highlighted. These areas can be expanded by clicking on the highlighted item. A window will open with explanatory text for that item.

This plan was made possible by former WESTAF Chair Erin Graham. Graham also serves as the chief operating officer at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The plan and planning process were developed in consultation with the design planning firm XPLANE of Portland, Oregon. Aric Wood, CEO of XPLANE, generously made himself and his staff available to help WESTAF leadership create a plan that is both easy to understand and motivating for those involved in the work of WESTAF.

Questions and/or comments about the plan should be directed to: Christian Gaines, Executive Director, WESTAF. He can be reached via email at Christian.Gaines@westaf.org by phone at 303-629-1166.