Between 2011 and 2017, WESTAF’s annual Arts Leadership and Advocacy Seminar (ALAS) brought a group of arts leaders from the West to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress and their staffs, engage in briefings regarding the status and future prospects for federal arts support, and to discuss with the WESTAF trustees ways to generate more state government support for the work of state arts agencies. As these conversations have continued to evolve, we continue to adapt ALAS to ensure relevancy and accessibility, including hosting the first virtual ALAS in 2021. 

2022 Seminar Description

WESTAF’s 2022 ALAS expanded on 2021’s format and continued to grow its focus. The seminar featured a series of interactive discussions with speakers and field experts who shared their understanding of the current federal arts advocacy and cultural policy landscape, discussed Western regional policy trends, advised on effective messaging for arts and culture across the political spectrum, and shared successful approaches of other sectors in advocacy and lobbying. 


Briefs (coming soon!)

Event Organizers

  • David Holland, deputy director, WESTAF Convenings Team Member and Policy Cohort Advisor
  • Cynthia Chen, manager of public policy and advocacy, WESTAF Convenings Team Member
  • Moana Palelei HoChing, senior policy analyst, WESTAF Convenings Team Member
  • Leah Horn, director of marketing and communications, WESTAF Convenings Team Member
  • Samantha Ortega, marketing coordinator, WESTAF Convenings Team Member
  • Natalie Scherlong, communications coordinator, WESTAF Convenings Team Member
  • Rebecca Brown, financial reporting manager, WESTAF Policy Cohort Member
  • Justine Chapel, CaFÉ communications and support coordinator, WESTAF Policy Cohort Member
  • Cameron Green, executive coordinator, WESTAF Policy Cohort Member
  • Ashanti McGee, ZAPP® operations coordinator, WESTAF Policy Cohort Member
  • Lauren Wilson, financial processes manager, WESTAF Policy Cohort Member

Recordings from ALAS Seminar