WESTAF has a long history of conducting research on the economic impact of the arts and the creative economy. Our Creative Vitality Suite™ has become a distinctive tool for measuring the creative economy using a range of official statistics and a pioneering approach to comparing regional creative vitality, the Creative Vitality™ Index (CVI™). The Creative Vitality™ Summit co-design team, along with the WESTAF convenings team, is proud to present this year’s four dynamic panels, featuring timely topics such as Tech and the Creative Economy, Digital Placekeeping, Belonging and Civic Imagination, and Liberatory Investment Models for the Creative Economy.

This year’s Creative Vitality™ Summit featured five panels with community-led discussions around how the creative economy intersects with technology, digital placekeeping, and more. These discussions delved into creative economy development through liberatory investment models, as well as belonging and civic imagination.

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Couldn’t make it to the inaugural Summit? Click here to view 2021’s session recordings, or you can check out the Summit site to view session information, learn more about our 2021 speakers and more!

Recordings from the 2022 Creative Vitality™ Summit