WESTAF Now Newsletter | December 2020

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INCLUSION & EQUITY                                           South Arts Emerging Leaders of Color Conference WESTAF is excited to announce a major milestone in our partnership with South Arts on their inaugural Emerging Leaders of Color (ELC) program. WESTAF Manager of Social Equity and Inclusion Madalena Salazar, along with faculty members Salvador Acevedo and Margie Reese, led South Arts in building their ELC program online with a Southern focus. Participants were selected from approximately 100 applicants, and invitations were sent to 12 individuals from Alabama...
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WESTAF Now Newsletter | September 2020

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Welcome to WESTAF NOW! WESTAF is excited to introduce our brand new newsletter, WESTAF Now: Arts News and Notes from the West and Beyond. WESTAF Now features arts and culture news from across the western region and the latest updates on WESTAF’s efforts to energize, network, and fund public sector arts agencies and communities in the West. We hope you like the new format!  INCLUSION & EQUITY                                           Leaders of Color  For the past 10 years, WESTAF has been investing in...
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WESTAF Update Notes #109 | May 2020

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This is the 109th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   WESTAF COVID-19 Response Since March, WESTAF has tracked the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the arts field in the West as well as related policy and funding developments, sharing this information with arts service organizations and arts funders in the West and nationally as we formulate ways to provide relief to the field. WESTAF continues to revise the COVID-19 Update and Resources web pages on our website, and a presentation/briefing is updated weekly, providing deeper insights on state-by-state responses to the impact of…

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WESTAF Update Notes #108 | March 2020

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This is the 108th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   COVID-19 Update WESTAF remains open for business and continues to serve our constituents and customers. Our team is continually assessing how to approach these unprecedented circumstances and is working diligently to respond to the rapidly changing climate. We released a brief statement on March 12 and have created a COVID-19 Resources & Information page on our website that we are regularly updating as more information becomes available. We recently shared some information on the implications of COVID-19 in the western region as well as some...
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WESTAF Update Notes #107 | January 2020

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This is the 107th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   PAA Announces Collection-Specific Interactive Maps The Public Art Archive™ (PAA) recently launched a new interactive mapping feature for public art collections. Collection Maps make engaging with public art easier than ever by giving visitors the ability to visualize public art collections on an interactive map, navigate to specific works of art, and discover artwork details. The feature replaces the need for development of costly websites and apps that drain time and resources on public art organizations. This latest addition to PAA’s suite of products and…

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Update Notes #102 | March 2019

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WESTAF Update Notes #102 | March 2019 From Leah Horn, Director of Communications, WESTAF This is the 102nd in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   More Improvements to CaFE In February, the CaFE website got a refreshed look and feel. The visual improvements are the culmination of a year-long effort by the CaFE team to deliver what artists have been asking for most: improved application workflow, cleaner and brighter buttons, accessibility-friendly colors and font sizes, and site-wide responsive pages. Now artists can explore, filter, and favorite calls while on the go and can also prepare…

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Update Notes #101 | January 2019

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  WESTAF Update Notes #101 | January 2019 From Leah Horn, Director of Communications, WESTAF This is the 101st in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   Update on Emerging Leaders of Color Program 2018 In the fall of 2018, WESTAF hosted 13 arts administrators for its seventh annual professional development program for emerging leaders of color. The program was facilitated by faculty Margie Johnson Reese, a longtime national arts leader; Salvador Acevedo, Vice President of Culture Strategy for the San Francisco-based innovation strategy consulting firm Scansion; and Tamara Alvarado, Executive Director at the Leo M….

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