Join the Public Art Archive™ (PAA) as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Have You Seen My Public Art? map with a brand new version! The original map was created in 2013 and quickly became the program’s most recognizable visual. Since that time, the PAA team has continued its mission to make public art more public, archiving over 20,000 public artworks around the U.S. in the process. This new map, illustrated by artist Kara Fellows, highlights a diverse array of public artists and their artworks from across the country.

The second edition of the map includes 144 artworks across all 50 states created by over 176 unique artists and studios, mostly within the last 10 years. Projects vary in type (i.e., outdoor sculpture, mural paintings, wall pieces, etc.), placement (universities, parks, municipal buildings, transportation spaces, etc.), media (steel, paint, wood, etc.), theme, and budget. The collection highlights a mixture of both permanently-sited and temporarily installed works.

Over 500 submissions were received, and while all of the projects are not included on the map, they have all been cataloged in the PAA database. We hope that this map reignites the desire and need for a central repository of public art data so that every community has the opportunity to engage with public art.